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We three women all have been creating art since we were young. We also were all  working in New York City about the same time – in the 1970’s – 1990’s. We first met about ten years ago  after we had all relocated to Cape Cod. 

We are  part of the”Baby Boomer” generation.  As such, we have lived through the cultural revolution of the sixties complete with Women’s Liberation, Black Power, the sexual freedom enabled by “the pill”, a President’s assassination, a human walking on the moon, the Vietnam War, and the beginning of the fight for equal rights for all.  We have come to a place in our lives where we know who we are and what we enjoy and what we want to continue to work on.

The creation of art is emotional, physical, philosophical and psychological. There is a little bit of magic and a bit of the spiritual.  For each of us, the creation of our art allows us to show some portion of the whole woman each of us have become based on our life experiences. 

Our group name, “Art Because…” is our effort, each in our own way, to attempt express the intangible delight, pain and wonder we feel when we sit down to create.