Anne Torry-Ballou

Bittersweet on the Bike Path – Giclee

Anne Torry-Ballou is a painter of impressionist works in acrylic paint. Her technique includes photographing the subject, sketching the work on the surface in paint, and developing the completed painting in the studio through layering of colors. Subjects are landscapes, seascapes, close-ups in nature and occasionally,  animals. Anne’s paintings are sold in shows and galleries, through private studio visits and through referrals. Commissioned work can be requested.

Anne has said, ” I do art because…Once when I was a student on a high school field trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, I walked into a gallery and there in the light before me was a massive Water Lilies painting by Monet. I was immediately caught up in the light and the color of the work and felt instinctively that this painting was the literal representation of feelings I experienced when viewing nature. I didn’t want to see anything else. I wanted to stand there for hours close up to the work, trying to figure out how he did that.
Since that time, I have worked on trying to create moments of visual perception and emotion on canvas as experienced in nature…I attempt to infuse the work with personal insight and emotion through layering of color upon color, first with anticipation, followed by frustration and finally, sometimes a moment of fulfillment. In some ways, making art replicates the feeling I experienced in that museum so many years ago.”

Note: All my work shown here are original paintings unless indicated to be Giclee prints.

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Fruit of the Gods
16″ x 20″
20″ x16″



Peaches – SOLD
12″ x 6″
Golden Harvest Celebration
20″ x 16″
Pink Clover
8′ X 10″
30″ x 24″
Chappy Beach
60″x 48″
Private Collection


Nature’s Garden
10′ x 8″