Update from Anne


Here is a small update from Anne.  Over the summer the three of us have pretty much had our art Hproduction take a backseat to entertaining guests. I should add: Kat has been very busy working in the political arena to promote various causes which may or may not be clarified when she jumps in on this blog (if she does) and Elizabeth runs a fabulous Airbnb …..and they do these things on top of having friends and family visit!  Life on the Cape!

So any way, we have been creating a little less but we have managed to get this website up and running thanks to Zelda MacGregor, our web developer, and we hope to keep you at least somewhat up to date on our various doings about town and the world. 

At this time would like to give a shout out to Matt Ragone, Renee Voorhees, and Laurie Lochridge for loving certain works enough this summer to want to make them their own!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I look forward to visiting these pieces whenever you’ll have me.

If you are in Falmouth, please be sure to stop in and see my work at The Gallery on Main.  Not only do Karen Rinaldo and Don Cross have a great gallery, the space is also home to various other events such as live music, poetry and literary groups. 

That’s about it for now.  Check in from time to time.  we are all now busily working on more art because…